Leeds Print Festival


I’ve recently been part of Leeds Print Festival where myself and my peers have all been given stock from GFsmith and were assigned a brief to print on various stock using any traditional print method.

Above is the print I submitted which included the lyrics from one of The Cribs songs ‘Be Safe’. The meaning of the song has a very melodramatic tone about the world and how we choose to live in it, how each of our decisions relate to the same outcome; death. That no matter where we live or what we choose to wear we will all endeavour the same fate, petty concerns and small issues will not matter in the end which is why I chose to represent this song using the Pristine White stock from GFsmith and a gold foil finish. The type was hand written by myself as I wanted the tone to keep the grungey outlook whilst the foil creates more of a juxtaposition with the meaning of the song and adding an element of hope and optimism to what it’s commvDouiSunicating.


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